Inspired by a story that has been told by many visionaries, a story taught to our scholars, and a story that unveiled our intrepid pioneers and astronomers. Akoni turned to the place where it all began. Where our sense of curiosity was born, and our drive to reach the boundary of human capability was discovered to be infinite.

The Story
Although they came from distinct backgrounds and different parts of the globe, the friends that joined together to form Akoni Group in 2019 were united and driven by one shared conviction: they were certain that by merging their talents and experiences, they could create an entirely new type of luxury eyewear company, one that honestly delivers exceptional products by relying on only the best designs, materials, craftsmanship, technologies, and care. And the name they selected for this new venture made very clear the exacting standard that the founders intended to meet—Akoni, Latin for “priceless; worthy of admiration.”
Perfectly complementing the founders’ experience and expertise, Akoni Group relies on the world’s finest eyewear craftspeople. These leading artisans, based in Japan, have long been celebrated for their unmatched precision, dedication and skills. Their finesse and mastery guarantee the final quality that completes the distinct vision that lies behind Akoni, a new type of eyewear company.

Deceptively elegant, close examination of every Akoni style reveals intricate and distinctive detailing that is the hallmark of the brand. Inspired by luxury wristwatches, writing instruments, and other precious heirlooms that are handed down from generation to generation, the Akoni collection incorporates the latest advances in materials, craftsmanship, and technology to ensure the recognizable presence of Akoni’s intelligent luxury DNA.

Inspired by the mysterious fifth element the ancient’s believed held our galaxy in place, Etere styles are crafted from eco-friendly cellulose acetate and named for the constellations—awe-inspiring celestial compositions that for millennia have inspired dreamers to become legends.

Crafted in Japan

Akoni is committed to consistently delivering only the highest level of craftsmanship and materials.
In order to do that, we turn to Japan. For—just as Switzerland is associated with the best in luxury watches and Germany with outstanding automobiles—Japan is where one needs to go to create the world’s finest eyewear.

Akoni Acetate

In addition, Japan is the source of many key materials. Akoni’s Japanese acetate (Zyl), crafted from renewable wood and cotton, is the world’s finest, due to its unmatched density, strength, beauty, luster, and an incredible ability to always maintain its shape and resist shrinkage. Most acetate is created during a three-month process. Akoni, intent on offering higher-quality, longer-lasting frames, invests double the amount of time. That six-month production process guarantees a much denser acetate, which maintains its form even in high temperatures—which means that, even after years of use, Akoni’s frames will always look like new.

Akoni Titanium

To ensure unmatched strength while retaining lightness, Akoni insists on using only titanium from Japan. That nation pioneered the technology necessary to craft titanium into featherweight eyewear—and even today, the world’s finest lightweight titanium is available exclusively in Japan. Designed for a lifetime of use, Akoni titanium frames are hypoallergenic, and they will not tarnish or corrode—in fact, they are virtually indestructible.

Akoni Ceramic Nose Pads

Since nose pads are an essential element of every frame, extra attention has been given to designing and developing Akoni’s uniquely lightweight and hypoallergenic ceramic nose pads.  Always cool to the touch, the nose pads’ ribbed lines and deep-centered groove guarantee a comfortable, non-slip fit—allowing Akoni frames to be easily worn all day.

Akoni Sun Lenses

Akoni’s sun lenses offer a high-contrast optical quality, which enhances vision, rendering everything as vibrant and clear as possible, while boosting, defining, and separating colors. Akoni’s dual-AR polarized lenses further sharpen vision, filtering out harsh reflections and providing a level of light management that ordinary sun lenses cannot meet.

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