DITA-Lancier lenses are made with a lightweight, impact resistant and durable material which improves optical precision while blocking UV and blue spectrum light. DITA-Lancier lenses feature color formulas selected for the unique challenges of Land, Sea, and Air.

dita lancier


The DITA-Land Lens offers a color enhancement formula engineered for driving environments, contrasting reds, greens, and yellows from the backgrounds of pavement, road signs, and signals. Provides better color recognition of road markings and traffic signals combined with UV and blue light protection.

Features a custom polarization efficiency that does not interfere with the clarity of LCD and digital screens while dramatically reducing blinding glare. This polarization is adapted to filter out reflected light and glare while retaining natural depth perception.


The DITA-Sea Lens is made with a color enhancement formula engineered for ocean environments, contrasting reds and skin tones from blue backgrounds of ocean and sky while enhancing yellows and oranges from the achromatic backgrounds of gray ocean surfaces. Provides better color recognition of buoys, port entrances, and swimmers combined with UV and blue light protection.
Features a polarization efficiency that maximizes glare reduction in the harshest light environments, filtering reflected light and glare from cars, water, pavement, sand, and snow. Blocks close to 100% of undesirable light and permits close to 100% of desirable light to pass through the lenses.


The DITA-Air Lens has a color enhancement formula engineered for high altitude environments, contrasting reds from the blue and green backgrounds of instrumentation and skylines. Additionally enhances greens from the brown backgrounds of landscape surfaces, providing better color recognition of instruments and landscapes combined with UV and blue light protection.

Features a non-polarized lens the maximizes contrast and depth perception in all light conditions

Light. Mechanical. Function. Boasting an ultra-thin profile and integrated hinge.

Thin. Technical. Comfort. Crafted from titanium wire with an integrated tension spring and flex stop.

Classic. Enduring. Style. Combining the richness of acetate with the lightweight flexibility of titanium, finished with our signature DITA hex screws

Finished with a white gold accessory link designed to integrate with a strap, our temple tip features an adjustable titanium core coated with injected anti-slip rubber for soft-touch comfort

Crafted from titanium and co-injected anti-slip rubber, our nose pad is designed for full adjustability and ultimate comfort.

dita lancier
dita lancier

Dita Lancier

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