The ambitious goals for IZIPIZI Paris ten years ago were to protect the eyes of the 2.5 billion longsighted people in the world. Their manifesto is to make as many people smile as possible, by creating glasses that are both affordable and kind to the planet, and to protect the people's eyes at every time their life.

Reading Glasses

Long-sightedness is a natural -and irreversible- evolution in sight which affects all people from 40 years old. The crystalline lens loses its elasticity and the eye is no longer able to produce a clear image. Long-sighted people have difficulty seeing up close (up to 60 cm), especially when reading. They offer diopters from +1 to +3.

IZIPIZI’s magnifying lenses are especially designed to correct longsightedness. Ultra-lightweight and scratch-resistant, they offer you clear vision when reading (you’ll need to take them off to look at faraway objects). And, because reading isn’t just about books, they also offer a special version for screens “blue light” and reading in the sun. No more stacking one pair on top of another!

Accessible Models

That means offering models that are accessible when it comes to their price, timeless style and availability. It’s one of the founding pillars of the brand, and one that’s here to stay.

Shapes for every style

As the saying goes, “Fashions may go out of style, but style never goes out of fashion.” In addition to IZIPIZI’s belief in the importance of the environment, they also belief in the powerful style of timeless design. That’s why they create frames that can grow with us and stay just as appealing.


All creations first come to life at IZIPIZI House in the centre of Paris.


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