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MASUNAGA designed by Kenzo Takada is a collaboration between MASUNAGA, a leading Japanese eyewear manufacture and Kenzo Takada, world renowned Japanese designer. Since its launch in 2014 Paris France, the collaboration has created high-quality luxury eyewear through combining vintage inspired elements with fashion forward contemporary design.

The K3 is a colorful ode to life. With the support of his team, the French at heart Japanese designer has created furniture, home textiles and accessories inspired by Eastern and Western aesthetics with a modern twist. Even after Kenzo Takada’s demise, his team continues the work and perpetuates the collection of K3. The collaboration between MASUNAGA and Kenzo Takada will carry on with K3, the brand founded by Kenzo Takada.

K3 is a new luxury home and lifestyle brand founded by Kenzo Takada. For this new venture, Kenzo Takada, serving as the artistic director, has enlisted a vast team of experts to work alongside him.
Jonathan Bouchet Manheim has been Kenzo Takada’s managing partner since 2013 and the general manager of K3. Engelbert Honorat has worked closely with the Japanese designer as his creative assistant and the creative director of K3. Wanda Jelmini has provided her extensive interior design knowledge and experience.

Masunaga Suzu
Masunaga Suzu
Masunaga Deneb
Masunaga Alya
Masunaga Taka
Masunaga Suzu

Inspired by a Japanese Kimono, Mr. Kenzo’s early, highly desirable collection included easy to wear smocks, tunics, oriental blouses and wide legged trousers.
Because of his refleshing use of color, pattern and print, he was called “The magician of colors” and made him one of the most important fashion designers who led the Prêt-à-Porter in Paris.

portraits SPECTR MAGAZINE/ Stefan Dongus
retouch SPECTR MAGAZINE/ Stephanie Wencek

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